Chelmsley Wood Baptist Church faith//hope//love

DJ holding vinyl record in night club

Arinola Adelfi - deacon
Arinola enjoys reading, walking, travelling and discussing philosophy.
"I love Church because it provides amazing opportunities to give and receive grace. " We love you too Arinola because you are the same.


Ruth Mackay - Secretary

OT by day, superhero secretary by night. Likes curry, purple and weekend breaks.

Female snowboarder jumping through air

Don Mulingani - Deacon

Pure brummie, retired builder, faithful servant, all round pretty fabulous bloke.


Gary Fitzsimmons - Deacon

Gary once had a motorbike. Then someone ran it (and him) over. He is a living testimony to the grace of God. He plays the bass and the kahon? kajon? Kahjon? kirhurn? Drum thing.

Man parting green grass

Graham Mackay - Treasurer

Can't say too much about Graham. He checks the accounts, keeps us legal and legit. He's great.


Neil Roberts - Minister
Neil has been at CWBC for 20 years. He either loves it or is otherwise unemployable.
He is very interested in folklore, plays the ukulele badly and tries to stop his family collecting cats. He also looks much older than this in real life.

a lion

Colin Aitkenhead - Deacon
Cursed with a name he always had to repeat and that no-one can spell, Colin was young when he realised that God loved him anyway. He now spends his time showing other people that God loves them as well.

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